I’m Eric.
I’m here to help.

I’m a New York-based professional organizer, consultant, and speaker who, like lots of folks, used to hold onto way-too-old magazines, random knick-knacks, and t-shirts from high school. One day I started noticing that the more stuff I held onto, the more stress I felt — so I began to pare down my possessions and organize what was left. I quickly realized that I felt more calm and focused. Now I want to bring that feeling to you.

My job is to be an editor of stuff: honing in on unnecessary clutter and finding space for the things that are essential and deliver value. I never make a client discard items unless he or she feels comfortable doing so. However, I will challenge the assumptions of what's needed. A great side effect of paring down is that the less stuff you have, the less there is to actually organize!

I previously spent a decade helping arts organizations more efficiently build their businesses through technology. I also honed my organizing skills and product knowledge as an elfa closet designer with the Container Store, so I have tons of ideas about the best products on the market. In those past lives, I worked to creatively solve my clients' challenges, and I utilize the same consultative and tailored approach with my organizing clients. It's a pleasure to help clients create a sense of peace with their surroundings, so they can find focus and turn it towards what's important. Reach out below if you’re interested in how I can help you create your own Outer Calm.